A macro to help doing this?

I asked this question a while back. Here and on the plugin forum. I even wrote the SU plugin creator. (This is Profile Builder 3) Not much response. Basically, If I could get this plugin for Rhino I could abandon Sketchup. Anyway, now I asking if there is a way to do this with already existing commands. I guess what it’s doing is sweeping a profile along dynamically selected points. I have hundreds of profiles I created for SU (originally in .dwg) It would be way more tedious as I’d have to import the profile, rotate and position, extrude, and then terminate/trim. But if I could macro the process a bit, that would help.

Hello - please post an example of the inputs and the desired results.


Pascal, I’m not sure what exactly you mean. The desired results are what is visible at the end of the video. I’ve attached a .dwg that is an example of the wall and crown profile that I use in SU.

Hello - I’'d like one example 3dm file of all the inputs you are going to need, and the final result when done.


Does this work? I created it with Sweep1 and Cap. The two profile curves are included. The crown profile is a dwg import.

RH6_example.3dm (840.9 KB)

Hello - I see - I can see how to make a tool for this, maybe, but it is not a macro, I’d say. If I can I’ll see if I can make something work but it might be a bit of typing.


Appreciate any help to speed up the process. If you are able to create a tool, I would expect there are others who will find it useful.


Hello - for the orientation part, you can use a macro.

`! _OrientOnCrv Pause Pause Pause Copy=No Perpendicular ’

You may then want to Sweep1 using SubCrv to sweep part of the path.

@CalypsoArt - how’s this - quick and dirty - for now:

SweepStuff.py (2.2 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

Select the path curve, the shape curves (note these need to be in the correct relationship to one another) and then set a sub curve on the path that is to be swept.

Guaranteed slightly tested.

Currently, you’ll need to pay attention to the direction (Analyze menu > Direction) of the path - if the sweep is oriented inside out, so to speak, then flip the path curve. I’ll try to cook up a smarter orienter.

Updated above - it should be more consistent now for closed planar paths.



requesting permission to use this phrase for any future examples I post:

Guaranteed slightly tested.



Great. Once I have it down, this could speed up several of my processes. Thanks.