A logo with Rhino

I designed this logo with Rhino and painted and added effects in Adobe Illustrator.
I say truly, Illustrator solely couldn’t help me to create such an accurate and balanced shape (because it is a drawing tool that doesn’t work in a geometry field completely and the user has to modify every line and curve based on his distinguishing and experience, visually) and it was Rhino which created it geometrically.
But I thank Illustrator because of its 2D painting, effect, and converting the work into a vector picture!

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I get strong Microsoft Edge vibes, motive- and color-wise.

When I was designing and painting the shape, I didn’t remember Microsoft Edge.

I found a competition on a freelancing website. The master expressed: he wants to establish an intermediate website between the famous social media to respond to the requisitions of clients for advertisements without employing a third person. He requested the designers to participate in the competition and make an appropriate logo. I made this logo and used the colors of two social media. The blue is Tweeter, and the green is Whatsup. I sent the logo to the competition, and I know more than four hundred will participate in that competition. So it is not clear who will be the winner. I paid no attention that my logo is similar to the Microsoft Edge.