Rhino 7 for designing logos

Hello guys, first time posting here.

I wanted to ask you this question, can Rhino7 be used in designing and making logos, i should design i logo for myself and my practice, but i don’t know what program to use. So i thought to myself, can i use Rhino, for this? I mean a own a copy of the program so i can use it. However i don’t know if it can be used in such a way. Do you have any experience in this?

You sure can, I use rhino for some vector work that’s more of a hassle to do in Illustrator.

Otherwise there are cheap and even free illustrator alternatives out there.

Important thing is that you use a software for vector graphics

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Yes, I find CAD program, like Rhino, superior to vector programs like Illustrator or Affinity Designer, when it comes to drawing. The tools are simply more refined and Rhino has very good export options, if you want to bring your design into another program.
What vector programs are better at is quickly doing layouts of your designs, like testing different outline colors, strokes, and fills. That can be done in Rhino, but isn’t as handy and the options are limited.
I’d suggesting using Rhino in tandem with a vector program. Affinity Designer is great, but Inkscape is free.

Here are different iterations I did for the logo design I use here on the forum and generally on the internet.

You can do different iterations quite quickly.