A complete UI overhaul of Rhino would be a much welcomed move

IMO opinion discussing IF icons could benefit from a redesign is pointless. Obviously they can, and any skilled graphic interested designer who understand how Rhino is used by beginners and advanced users should be able to do a good job by harmonizing the icons and fine tune them with out breaking the visual appearance so old tutorials has to be modified. Whether they have colors, gradients or are inverted. GUI upgrades happens to apps all the time so coherency of logic is IMO paramount. That way users will understand what new icon represents the old command.

I agree that Rhino looks a bit old, but that also means familiar. MAC introduces some very interesting GUI features that looks better than the Windows version, but at a cost. I model much faster in the windows version…

What I really want to see in the UI is vectors for scalability, making buttons with the built in iconmaker is overly tedious, and having settings for colors that are background sensitive would be fabulous, so black lines doesn’t appear on dark backgrounds. Same goes for text, so we can have light text on dark backgrouns and dark text on light backgrouns automatically.

Regarding logic of the acutal icon I would advocat that most important is your ability to remember it and quickly locate it. The danger of going to aesthetically homogeneous is that they can become difficult to distinguish, but that is also the danger of going too crazy on the “make it stand out” appearance. Then they all disappear in each others noise.

I do think that Rhino and the users would benefit from Mac and Windows GUI merge though, that way tutorials and documentation doesn’t have to be made twice and youtubes made by users will be easy to understand by all new to Rhino regardless of platform.


yeah, that I wonder why is still only on MAC? This should be the first step in the UI Overhaul.

You are confusing personalisation with recommendation.

not at all

Guys, please take nitpicking on each others grammar in a PM. It is not interesting to anybody but you guys.

no, this is ON TOPIC.

If recommendation affects a user’s workflow in a negative way it’s no good and it has to be more personified of an AI solution. Thus, deploying the AI for each user individually, disconnected from the global DB. That then makes sense.

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The recommendation uses your profile and the profiles of other users as input. Personalisation takes user usage as input.

Don’t worry, there is no point in continuing here. Although it has to do with UI, welcome to 2021. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, good topic for a “discord” (pun intended)

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Thank you! We would not need to discuss it if some people here actually realized this.


Although resisting GUI upgrades because of a nostalgic emotion is flawed from the very base, this could be a nice solution, as long as it does not mean too much work or an obstacle/limit to the upgrade.

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The topics range from simple icon design colors, from current customisation of the Interface, from future needs, from command-line to coding / scripting / api, …

i think it is very important to discuss those aspects - but this thread / topic is completely overloaded.

please at someone from mcneel - can you somehow split this topic ?

@ all other
would be nice to start single topics with more specific aspects and just post a link to that topic here ?

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I asked for the UI forum sub-category some time ago. UI topics are in many different places and easily get lost, one of the reasons why people stick to this topic is because they can easily find it.


I think you can get rid of many commands from the main view. What are essential type of commands for most users? I think there are not many differences throughout the different professions. Basically there are common ways to create, modify and analyze geometry. A spiral or a star polygon are so uncommon that you could hide that. Im not against modernizing icons, but I’m against modern minimalistic design in this context. Larger more expressive icons of the important commands. Commands with more diverse options. Do we need an icon for all sort of primitives or could 1 primitive command open a window where we enter what we need? Give important functionality more space and hide very specialized commands. Again its my opinion…


Well shows that the UI is a larger problem than expected… :slightly_smiling_face:

I work in Film/TV. We usually provide our own work machines and software. Though the industry skews heavily to Apple products, you come with what you use be it, Mac, Windows, and the rare Linux. We are essentially groups of freelancers with no industry, corporate, project, equipment or software standards. VectorWorks, Sketchup, AutoCAD, Rhino, Blender, etc., – I know a guy using FormZ – can be found in use at the same time on the same project. More importantly, we come from disparate backgrounds and training. Some like me come from art, some architecture, others from IT and other computer related segments. With differing approaches from “the computer is a stupid tool I’m forced to use” to “the computer is the greatest tool for everything,” the one thing I can guarantee is that my colleagues – or those in any show next door – couldn’t agree on what an improved UI would look like. Such a discussion would look like the Battle of the Somme. Add to that incorporating the wants of those creating Jewelry, Naval Architecture, or the other Rhino disciplines that are meaningless to what I THINK I need. C’mon McNeel, sort it.

My favorite Rhino icon (almost!)




You don’t have to, graphic designers exist to make those decisions for you.

What is your point anyways? It is impossible to reconcile a UI for every user thus no upgrade should be made?

The answer to that is, and always has been customization. Rhino is doing a good job when it comes to it but still not enough and has been falling short the more the years pass.

Also, many of UI issues being discussed here are general to all users, such as performance and systematicity. The whole customization thing in Rhino has become, along the years, an accumulation of patches to solve problems or add functionality, but it is honestly a mess.

Does anyone use this? I have never used it to customize my workspace…

well…, in fact that is how Rhino has evolved entirely. a patchwork of many kinds. but i would say we are in the middle of taking off, it is a time of changing. new/different cpu-gpu paradigms with upcoming SOC, not only on the mac side but also for all the users here are laying down a path for a more unified common technology, playground and a good excuse to rethink and to reevolve.

heading towards the future one has to get some inrun, a few steps back to think and to plan and navigate and… lets say to generate the guts to actually pull it through not shying off from the amount of work and the challenges.

but… as long as it just works it will proceed and you can see that in really a lot of instances, not only in software development. stepping out of proven ground baby steps also means to risk some pain… unfortunately there is no gain with out it.

Yes, my employees. And where is yours?

That’s called false consensus bias…

I don’t need one. I have not made any claims pretending to know what the majority of people ranging from 50 to 70+ care about in Rhinos UI.

Please post specific UI requests or suggestions to new topics.