A better understanding of 2D scale

Hi Forum, Here’s my senario. I take a picture of an object that has an X and Y dimension( sideview of most anything ). I then use Pictureframe to put it in Rhino. The object in the picture has an dimesion of 20" in Y and 20 " in X directions. I then draw a line 20" to get it scaled. Is it best to scale the entire picture or to manipulate to picture to the line and just scale the object in the picture to the line.
Thanks in advance to any help,Mark

Hi Mark - I think I’d use Orient with Scale set to 3d. Pick two points on the image that have a known distance apart and two points at the ends of a line of the corresponding length. Does that make sense with your setup?


Hi Pascal, I will give that a go for sure to try. Thanks, Mark