90+ CPU usage while idling

This only happens with a specific save of a specific file, so I’m assuming VA is involved and I’m starting with you guys.

On open the file will almost immediately push the computer to 90%+ of CPU usage and then stays there until an actual command is sent, when it then calms down. Once that command is complete, it goes back to 90%+ CPU usage.

Any idea what this might be about?

One more note: the crash will eventually be joined by a message that says “A Resource Was”

Hi @Clayton_Muhleman,

VisualARQ does nothing on idle, so I think this is unrelated to VisualARQ.

If you can create a DMP of the Rhino.exe process, using the Windows “Task Mananger”, while Rhino is using the 90% CPU time, I will be able to see what is going on.

This DMP is going to be large, so ZIP it and send it to visualarq@asuni.com.



Hi @enric,

Ah, interesting! This is also maybe a RAM leak. 32GB of ram on this machine, so something’s going out of whack.


Thanks for the help as always! I’ve sent the DMP file your way.


I’ve received the DMP file. Here are my conclusions:

There is no apparent activity from Tibidabo or VisualARQ. But there are a lot of threads in the process, most of them suspended. Exactly 352 threads. Almost (+80%) all of them are created by the following plugins:

  • V-Ray
  • Datasmith (Twinmotion)

There are also some threads from Enscape.

Do you have any viewport set to any realtime-render display mode in this specific document?

Try to block Datasmith and V-Ray, and check if the CPU still runs on idle.


Fascinating. Enric, thank you so much. Datasmith is an easy uninstall and Enscape is just about out of excuses. If anyone has a viable replacement for Enscape that actually works, I’m all ears. Removing Datasmith seems to have improved overall performance.

Additionally, it appears that some of the Display Modes I’ve made are also causing some major performance issues. Turns out setting your shadow video memory usage to max actually does use up all your RAM.