8 shape Grasshopper

Hi guys!

I was triying to recreate a pattern like this image in grasshopper

Does anybody know how can i do that? i have been looking some plugins like flow L or Pufferfish the part about discrete vectors but i am kind of lost…

any kind of help would be great!

Thanks in advance


Hi, this has nothing to do with Pufferfish or Discrete Vectors. There are many examples of this on the forum. See here: Create such a this pattern in grasshopper

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thx michael! I will search in the forum and i will try to find something…i will publish updates!

Hi @Javier_FQ,

Not exactly what you’re looking for but this pattern reminds me of Satoru Sugihara’s latest work for the ceiling of a restaurant in Zhengzhou, China.

Although he used Processing and his own library (IGeo) for the design you might find the following animated diagram interesting:

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I’ve sent you the link in my last comment to exactly the image you are asking about.


Pretty much, what Michael Pryor showed/told you so far!
Furthermore, this is called circle or sphere relaxation. You’d have a couple of probably closed curves at the beginning, that would each be divided into a given number of points. These division points would now define the center of circles (or spheres) with a certain radius.
Over an undefined number of generations, each circle would try to displace itself in such a way that it wouldn’t overlap any neighbouring circles. If there’d be no intersections anymore, the system would be viewed as relaxed, and you could rebuild your curves from the circle center points.

@lexi, it may remind you of Sugihara’s design, but it’s a completely different process.

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@diff-arch @lexi @Michael_Pryor Thanks a lot for your support! Now i have more or less a clear path to follow. I will publish images of the process and I will upload also my definitions to benefit the rest of the people.

@Michael_Pryor yeah i have been looking the link that u send me and I found it really usefull!

I would try to use kangaroo, the collider component and lets see what I achieve…I am triying to print this shapes with a robotic arm and a clay extruder. I have to check if i can stablish a minimum fixed distance beetwen lines cause I need a certain accuraccy level (at least the diameter of the noozle but is really thin so I supposed that i would achieve my goal)

Anyway, I will upload the process to keep you inform . I gonna select the comment of @Michael_Pryor as the solution, but most of them could be also considered as the solution.

Thanks a lot!