5.3.2 Crashing constantly

Hi, I just downloaded the trial to test it out before buying, and am running into some issues.

2 Issues:

  1. If I start modelling, rhino will randomly l lock up within 5 mins and just pinwheel of death.
  2. When opening rhino, I can’t open any of my 3dm files (both old and new models)

Would love to resolve this asap as I want to start modelling!



Software information

Software versions
Rhinoceros version: 5.3.2 (5D197)
IronPython version: not installed
Evaluation expiration: February 4, 2018
Language: en-CA (MacOS default)
macOS version: Version 10.12.6 (Build 16G1036)


Third party kernel extensions

Hardware information

Computer hardware
Hardware model: MacBookPro11,5
Processor: Intel Core i7-4870HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
Memory: 16 GB
Architecture: Intel 64 bit

Video hardware
Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB
Memory: 2048 MB
Screen size: 1440 x 900
Displays: Color LCD (221dpi 2x)

USB devices
Apple Inc.: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad
Broadcom Corp.: Bluetooth USB Host Controller

Bluetooth devices

OpenGL information

OpenGL software
OpenGL version: 2.1 ATI-1.51.8
Render version: 2.1
Shading language: 1.20
Maximum texture size: 16384 x 16384
Z-buffer depth: 24 bits
Maximum viewport size: 16384 x 16384

Implementation settings
Use texture compression: No

Appearance settings
Antialiasing: 4x
Mip map filtering: None
Anisotropic filtering: None

Yuck. I don’t see any red-flags in your system information (thanks for submitting that btw). Are you submitting crash reports?

One thing to try: I wonder if you get the same crashy behavior in the latest RhinoWIP.