3mf material support


Can I specify the material in the 3mf file using the Rhino 3mf writer ? From my tests it seems it supports vertex colors and textures, but I can’t figure out the materials.


HI Mateusz,

When you say materials do you mean like the physical material that the model would be 3d printed with? If that is what you’re talking about, it has not been hooked up (at least properly, maybe not at all, I’m not familiar enough with the code to tell you for sure without looking at it) because Rhino doesn’t have that sort of material, they’re all about rendering and not 3d printing. At least that I’m aware of. I could add a dropdown in a dialog on export that had some physical materials (ABS, nylon, etc.) in it but it would be one material per model, not per object. I’ll look at the code today and see if I can what, if anything concerning materials, has been hooked up.