Rhino.Inside UI, initial impression & questions

I have a few questions about Rhino.Inside Revit:

For the UI, I have imported my options from Rhino 6 to the Rhino 7 (WIP) version, however these settings do not propagate to Rhino.Inside Revit. Does this mean that if I want to change aliases/ keyboard shortcuts, I’ll have to maintain them for 3 versions?

Rhino.Inside is not recognised by my 3dconnexion Spacemouse pro, therefore I am unable to set different speeds then the settings used in Revit. This means, I can navigate exactly the way I want to in Revit, but in Rhino it’s extremely slow and therefore unusable. Furthermore, I am unable to map my buttons to Rhino commands.

On the same token, the program is registered as Revit, is there any other executable at play which could be used to map my mouse buttons to? Shift + MMB is orbit in revit, which conflicts with Rhino’s RMB orbit paradigm. My solution was to swap MMB and RMB in my mouse settings for Rhino 6, can this be done for Rhino.Inside?

E: This is probably a copyright issue, but wouldn’t it be more helpful to use the same icons in Grasshopper for elements, materials, families, etc. as the ones used in Revit?

I also have a problem with 3dconnexion and Revit, I will create a new post for it as it seems my problem is different.

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