3Dconnexion causes temp freezes?

I am heavily depended on these little devices.
However, I think it is causing my Rhino to temp freeze on occasion, especially after cage edit operations. I have to switch viewports to get it to resume.

I am using their 3DxLabs driver because it is the only way i can map my zoom according to my needs without messing up the roll/twist behavior.

Anybody else experiencing similar behavior?

Hi, Yianni,

I guess no one else is having this problem. Have you found any solutions?

Hi Margaret,

I m surprised there are no other contributions to this thread, it might related to the custom Rhino options I use.

The problem reduced when I disabled some of the cursor tooltips, but it is still present.

I do not know if the artifact I show in the screencapture and the temp freezes are related, they might be 2 different things.

I can reproduce this on every system I tested, all happen to have nVidia graphics with updated drivers.

Let me know if I can offer any more clues to help you pinpoint this.


This suggestion is a long shot, but it worked for me.

If the SpacePilot/Navigator gets slightly out of calibration, you need to re-calibrate it. The reason is that the app may see that it is still ‘moving’ when you are at rest, so the display does not refresh and appears to be locked for a long time.

At least its a super simple fix to try. It drove me crazy for days until someone on this forum suggested it.

This is a good tip, thanks !
Unfortunately it is not related to my issues. I can’t even be 100% sure that the spacemouse is actually related, I will disable to verify and report back.

Another piece of information is the spacemouse driver I m using: Until recently I was using 3DxWare 10 Beta 64-bit driver which is a big improvement in performance and configuration ability. Now it has graduated and I use official release but no change in behavior.

Hi Yianni
I’m having similar issues of freezing periods. They last microseconds and it happens only when I use 3D and 2D mouses at the same time. I have to be aware not to use both hands at the same time. I have noticed also that it happens when both native and rhino drivers are installed. No problems when it runs on Rhino driver only.
Hope it helps.