3D tiles flow along SubD

Hi! I want to make facade structure like this

I have base model -SubD surfaces and tile elements

The way I try to do it :slight_smile: I convert model in nurbs, and then use command -Flow Along Surface,
but it didn’t work because rhino divides model into many surfaces and assign tiles to the one.

Have you any suggestions about the way I can do it?
File this model and tiles

texture_SubD.3dm (2.2 MB)

You’ll need to use DupEdge to duplicate the SubD edgeloops into curves. Then join those into the appropriate pieces for a NetworkSrf. This temporary NURBS surface can then be used as the target srf with FlowAlongSrf.

Your module has separate surfaces too with the normals flipped on some parts. Ungroup it a couple times to join the pieces first before flowing.

The PanelingTools plugin could also be used here but again you’ll need the base NURBS surface as a target for the grid.

Thank you a lot for tips! trying to do it now)