Flow along surface on a complex polysurface

I’m designing a jewellery with SUBD (rhino 7 MAC) and it has smooth but elaborated curves. I’d like to use flow along surface to add my logo on the piece of jewellery. I think this should be the process:

  1. convert SUBD in Nurbs
  2. curve from object -> Create UV curves
  3. planar curves
  4. position my logo on the rectangular surface and then Flow Along Surface

It works, but after few tests I realised that the surface is actually only a small part of my jewellery piece, so the logo can only be very small.
Probably because the model is a polysurface.

My question: is there a way of having a larger part of the model when I select Create UV curves (like selecting not only a surface but a polysurface)?
or is there a better way to achieve my goal?

Thank you

Hello - the ToNurbs process will attempt to group SubD faces into larger Nurbs surfaces but how this happens is not really controllable by the user. The way out here would be to make a new surface yourself over the area that you care about and flow onto that. The Drape command may be able to help.


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Hi Pascal it is exactly what I needed!!! Fantastic Thank you.