3D tessellation

Is there an add-on that can do 3D tessellation?

How would you achieve this kind of work?

It looks like that pattern has a quad as its base unit, so you’ll need a quad grid on your target shape, either as a NURBS surface or a quad mesh (you can use QuadRemesh if your starting mesh is composed of triangles).
You can then create a unit of your tessellation, and If NURBS then use Map To Surface or Surface Box, or if using a quad mesh, offset it (using Weaverbird) and create twisted boxes from this, then map from the bounding box of your unit to the twisted boxes:
bearTessellation.gh (20.0 KB)


Hi, when using this example file, how can the tessellation unit be changed? It does not appear in Rhino, and I cannot replaced it with another geometry. Thanks!!

Hi @Nicholas3

That second mesh component towards the top right of the definition contains the tessellation unit.
You can right click it and reference a different geometry from Rhino to change it.