Is there a way to tessellate a polysurface?

Hi everyone,

There’s been a tricky problem for me since quite a long time ago. How to tessellate a polysurface

You know , you can build something with a single surface,trimmed or untrimmed, which has a proper uv, even a nice one :wink: Then truely you can use its uv to do all kinds of tessellations with tools like lunchbox and weaverbird(after some steps converting the surface into a mesh)

Or,you can build something using t-splines,incase that the geometry you wanna build is impossible to be covered with one single surface.OK you still have a mesh with a continuous uv .

but what if you have built something with a few surfaces and you blend them together and get a polysurface eventually?
there’s no such things like uv when it comes to a polysurface.

and if you wanna get this

well, I have no idea how to get this .even after looking into quite an amount of related webs.

And then, some guy I know gave me this

problem solved? nah,he did this with 3dsmax…

so guys, please help me out here.Any idea based on Rhino/Grasshopper or any of there plugins are welcome to let me know.just to be noticed,im not a scripter…so…please don’t embarras me with scripts :smile:

model attatched.thanks a lot.
test.3dm (737.7 KB)

Try Evolute.TMAP
That does similar tesselations on polysurfaces using mesh paramterization with mixed integer programming.

thanks a lot, it’s helpful indeed.goodday buddy.