Export for 3D printing advice needed

This is the first time I’ve had a request for files for 3D printing.
I sent the files as STEP and OBJ and got a response that some walls are missing, the object isn’t closed.
But I’ve checked and used all the analytical tools that Rhino has and I get Rhino Polysurface Object is Valid.
Show Edges shows no naked edges, Select Open Polysurfaces shows no problems.

Can anyone think of anything else I should check?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Alex - did you mean stl and not step? At any rate, if you export to a mesh format like stl or obj (as mesh, it does handle surfaces), one thing to do is use the Mesh command to generate the mesh ahead of time, rather than as part of the export process, and inspect/Check the mesh before exporting it.


It would be helpful to know what slicer they are using. Maybe the slicer is finicky? STL has always worked for me on different printers.


Thanks. That’s the kind of advice I was looking for. Turning it into a mesh showed me where to revise and now the 3D printer is happy (and in this day and age, keeping the 3D printers happy is key).