3D populate inside tetrahedron and dodecahedron

Hello all,

I am not able to 3d populate a tetrahedron or dodecahedron.
I tried dispatch in sphere and could achieve random points inside of it.

The points are outside of a dodecahedron

Error and no result in case of tetrahedron

Also is there a way to populate points on the surface(of sphere,dodecahedron,tetrahedron,cube) without assigning points on rhino.

populate.gh (16.2 KB)

Attaching the file herewith

Thank you in advance

Mesh Inclusion needs Mesh, Brep Inclusionneeds Brep, not polylines.
See red groups.

populate_re.gh (18.8 KB)


Hey thanks a lot HS_Kim,
Is there a way I get the points on the surface

Use Surface Closest Point to get the distances from your surface to your sample points, and test the distances lower than 0.001~0.01 using Smaller Than with “D” output values of Surface Closest Point.
Finally you can use the boolean values to cull the points that aren’t touching with your surface by usingCull Pattern.

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If you want Just the points on the geometry try Populate geometry

Hello Kim,

Is this how.Not getting the points on surface though.Am I missing out something.
Also would this pull the points already in 3d space towards the surface.

populate_re.gh (14.8 KB)

Hi @Arya,

As @Baris mentioned above, you can simply use PopGeo to spawn points on the shell of a volume.

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Oh it works thanks a lot Baris!

Genius, thanks.
It works
I would still want to know whether Id be able to pull points from 3D space which are already defined , towards the surface closest to it.
Just like @HS_Kim suggested

Simply like this:

populate_re_2.gh (22.4 KB)

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Oh yes.Thank you for the explaination pb0y.
and for the help.