3D morph a component with joints

Hi everyone!

I am trying to morph a series of components between two surfaces, so far I have used the 3D morph tool and it is pretty close to my intentions, but these components have joints and I want to find a way in which they intersect or connect with each other. With the 3d morph tool so far, I can only place them next to each other without intersection, is there another tool already that would allow me to do this? or can anyone suggest me a way to modify this definition in order to achieve this?

morph simple example.gh (55.4 KB) Many thanks!

what is “3d morph tool”

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the typo, I meant the Morph 3D component, from the panneling tools plugin

Changed thread topic to paneling tool.

Is that what you are looking for? If so, you just need to hook the top and bottom surfaces to allow the module to flow smoothly.

@rajaa hi, I need the modules to intersect at the joints, like this image

Are you populating between 2 curved or flat surfaces?

@rajaa they are curved

I’m not familiar with Paneling tools, but if this was a box morph what you would do is define the bounding area around the box shape of the geometry and let the tube ends hang outside of the bounding area, this way they intersect when morphed. I imagine Paneling tools has some similar way to do that.

In this case, you need to define a bounding box that is smaller than the module to get the overlap as in the following:

That is exactly what I wanted, thank you so much! @rajaa and @Michael_Pryor