Surface Morph for 3 axis machining

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Usually I use this simple script to flow the desired module on the desired surface.
In this case I need to design a simple mould. Let’s say that it has to be machined with a 3-axis mill, instead a 5-axis one (as my script would require).
How can I keep the morphed modules vertical, same as the master module? (Not just “oriented” on the surface, they need to be morphed, in order to have all the point on the top of the module at the same distance from the surface).
Surface Morph.3dm (133.8 KB)
Surface (12.1 KB)

Thank you!

I don’t understand what you mean, and as long as you are using Surface Morph, your module will be morphed, not just oriented, and if you offset the surface, your morphed module’s top ends will meet the offseted surface…

Surface (59.7 KB)


Hello, thanks for your reply.

First is the current result, the second case is what I would like to do

Surface (110.2 KB)


That’s great!
Thank you so much.

Hello All,

Here I’am again.
Actually, the suggested script works great in certain applications, when there’s no need to have continuity between the modules of the mesh. Twisted Box deforms the modules on their own, so when the modules collide they become G0 on a 3D surface.
What if I have a different module, such as this? Do you have any suggestion?

Module G2.3dm (145.6 KB)

Thank you.