3D Headwear - Kenzo Cap

Kenzo Cap
3D created by Rhino5 and 7, UVs unwrapped by Rizom UV, Keyshot for Final Render Images.


Really nice work! Is the stitching modeled in? How much time do you have in modeling time, if I might ask? β€”-Mark

Hi Mark,

Yes, the stitching is modeled. I created flatted 2D base and transfer it to 3D by the command flow along surface". In this way, the shadow of the edge along the stitching will look better than using normal maps.
It took me 3 days for the whole process.



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Those are some stellar renderings, @voong_chuong!

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Yeah, the main purpose is to replace the physical samples.
It’s the advantage of 3D virtualization in the development stage and manufacturing.

amazing work!! thanks for sharing!!

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How did you create the stitching texture for the model? Zbrush?

nope, I created real geometry for each stitching.

Individual pipes?

2D to 3D by the command follow along surface


Did you also making the stitching for the lion from real geometry or is that a normal map.

I made it in Substance Sampler.