3D configurator which will build final 3D model from 3D components

HI, I am complete newbie to this, But did found Grasshopper as great option to acomplish What I need, Is here anybody can tell if this is possible (changes are possible, if I can reach what I need)

  • I have folder with my “3D models , which are basically Components”
  • Some components are to be made with only “Parametric modelling” because they are just simetrical "cubes, Globes, etc)
    What I need to create is sort of 3D configurator (client-side web browser) which will use the 3D components saved in (certain folder on server-side) and based on certain conditions/rules it will build large 3D model out of the components, for example :
  1. first choice will be to choose “base shape” - rectangular, squared, or circular shape
  2. choice will be to define dimensions of the base : X/Y, Z is fixed to 80mm for example.
  3. I will select Quantity of Part1 (small glass balls, saved in folder on my server as 3D model) - say 150pcs.
  4. It will place all 150pcs of glass ball 3D models all over the "X/Y base " in distance say 1m from the base.
  5. And finally, It will build this model, and allow me to save it through Web to my PC…

The whole solution will be much more complex in terms of rules, conditions, etc, but If anybody can confirm this will be possible, then most of the rest will be possible too.
Let me know please.If there is anybody willing to do this as paid job, please contact me.
3D models for parts I have allready.

I do the description as "User, clicking on Web based frontened enviroment, doing all the work on Server side (it will be impossible to require this behaviour from client-side Web browser (ALOT GPU resources needed ,as my specification will contain much more details later on)