Any Platform That Can Customize and Visualize Model on the Internet Just Like Grasshopper?

Hi everyone. I am thinking about creating one interactive interface that allows people to change the parametric model according to the parameters on the Internet. I know it might be very hard and complex but I would like to know if it is possible.

Just imagine the Human UI result on the internet (or on other platforms, but has to be much faster) :
[Image comes from]

1, Anyone has done it before? Is it possible to kind of “upload your grasshopper model to the internet”?
2, Any platform/workflow/software/programming language I should look at?
(3, Why Grasshopper is slower compared to other parametric-based modeling software (like 3dsMax)

Thank you a lot for all the information and answers.


Hi Dani, that’s amazing and exactly I need. Does ShapeDiver has a limit on the complexity of the GH file? For my model, the change of the parameters will take 5~10 sec to compute so far. Usually, will the lag time be the same with that in Grasshopper when it is uploaded to the website?

Yes, it has a 5 second limit and yes, it takes a little longer than on my computer at least. It also only accepts some plugins that they have enabled.