360deg camera like Theta to HDRI?

Is an image taken with 360deg camera like Theta able to be made into rhino 360 HDRI file
Don’t have the hardware, but if it’s possible and not so complicated was thinking of adding to want list.

You’ll have to find out if the image is saved as equirectangular. If that is the case you’ll be able to use it at least with Raytraced.

Gothcha! Will find out.

Hi @Toshiaki_Takano

Not just somehow - quite easily, actually. I think that at least some of the Theta models have HDR build in (but limited bracketing) and there’s several apps for iOS and Android that let you control and use the full range of the camera. Take a look here:
7th post shows what’s possible with the camera (although the rendering is KS).

We have one here on the office, and I know that our motion graphics guys have been using it for matching lighting from actual photoshoots to rendered content - quite neat!

HTH, Jakob

Cool! Thanks!

I was able to upgrade my mac V5 license to WinV6 now so have one win V5 that I plan to sell and get something with the extra cash.
either Bongo, some gadget, or maybe another 3D printer