3-way Interlocking Units on Hemispherical Dome Surface

Hi Everyone,

I am new to grasshopper and I am still learning. I’m having a problem with mapping interlocking units on a hemispherical dome surface. The tricky part is the configuration of the units has to have a shifting grid like a masonry wall patter. Also, since the units are 3-way interlocking they supposed to pile up one another along the dome surface.

Here you can better understand the problem.

So the depth of each unit supposed to gradually decrease on the way top. Unfortunately, I haven’t succeeded do that. I tried to slice the dome into meridians and map the units on it, however, it didn’t work.

Here is the gh. and 3dm file. If someone can help, I’d appreciate that.

DomeBrick-RhinoForum.3dm (161.4 KB)
DomeBrick-RhinoForum.gh (6.4 KB)