3 Things that Bug Me

Hi All,
I was working on some electrical schematic drawings for my brother’s company last night.
I was using Rhino 5 for Windows on a home computer that was a clean install. I did not have my “somewhat” customized Rhino that is on my work computer.

As I was working, I kept track of things that bothered me. Here is my Top 3 for last night. I was interested if I am the only one, or if any of you agree. I understand there are a plethora of scripts that could help, however I am looking to improve the Rhino “out of the box” experience.

Text Style - MIA

I imported some existing DWG’s with a lot of text. Not just text in the model but text in blocks. I was able to quickly change all the single text objects to Arial (the original drawing used Courier New which I do not like) and it all updated quickly.

However there were about 20 block definitions that had embedded text. These I could not change in one step. I had to BlockEdit each one. All the instances changed after that. But it helped me realize why I miss the Text Style. If all the text objects in the block and on the model were created with a text style like “Standard”. I could change the style to Arial in one place, and “all” the text that used that style (in model, layout, or embedded in blocks or groups) would update.

Paste to Cursor

I am very used the behavior where Paste by default copies the contents of the clipboard to the cursor. It is like a bad dream very time I paste! Rhino out of the box, pastes right on top of the objects. Now I do have a custom script that run “Paste2Cursor”, but I did not have it on this computer. I would like an option to select the Paste behavior or two separate command. Rhino could use the centroid of the objects or lower left, I really do not have a preference.


Rhino has a command called DeleteSubCrv that works nearly identical to a AutoCAD type Break command. On my work computer I alias Break to this command. Should this be a default alias? Or is typing DeleteSubCrv cool for you? I have to search my brain for this command every time. It is just not the first thing I think of. Break is.

Thanks for any comments.
Mary Fugier

I’ve seen other users looking for ‘break’. Not that often but once in a while - I’d say just make a Youtrack item for this, possibly for @Mikko, I think he knows about doing that- Break to be either a default alias or a built in alias for DeleteSubCurve. If it is a bad idea for some reason, there’s a good chance Mikko will know.