Text problems

Periodically I try to abandon AutoCAD and just use Rhino for my 2D drafting work (I use Rhino for all of my 3D work). Generally what happens is I make a solid attempt and, in the process, gain some ground, some new functionality in Rhino but eventually I’m forced back to the dark empire for one reason or another.

This time around I’ve completed a first of a 10 set of drawings and I’m about to do the labels on the layout pages and now I’m stumped - am I right in thinking that A: I can have all of my text bold or normal but I can’t have a title line bold and the body copy normal? and B: there’s no underlining?

Or am I misunderstanding something?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Yep, as far as I know. For bold/normal you need to use two different text blocks, one for the title and one for the body. You can of course group or block them so they select at once. For underlining, you need to use… lines (geometry).


But that’s … silly. Possibly the oldest, most common, most readily available software out there is a text editor. I’m sure you can get one at Target. What prevents Rhino from having a run of the mill text editor?

It’s about development priorities.
We have bold and italic support going in V6.

So I’m wrong in thinking that you can just pick up the phone and call a software vendor and buy a cheap text editor package and plug it in?

Insert sad face here.

I guess you could do that if you were ok with displaying the text in a dialog box or edit box.
There is quite a lot more to getting it worked in to a Rhino model.
As JB said, there is some work in that direction in V6 now