2d silhouette

I’ve been using Rhino since 2005 and what I remember silhouette gave me 2d borderline from the view I was using.
Now it gives 3d edges and it has been like this long time.
To get it to the same plane, there is a lot of work… deleting, setpt, duplicates, cutting crossing ones…
Is there something to get 2d border silhouette?
I have used make2d and from there I have to fix a little bit and then rotate and try to find correct position… So I can live with this but it takes time…

red lines = silhouette command from right view
blue lines = fixed make2d…

BR: Wagner

Hi Wagner -

I don’t have Rhino 4 or older installed on this machine but tested this on Rhino 5 and that appears to give the same result as what you are reporting.

Looking at the help file, it says:

To create two-dimensional curves from the silhouettes, use the ProjectToCPlane command.

That still leaves you with multiple and overlapping curves but if you then run CurveBoolean on the result, you’ll get the output that you need. You could put these 3 commands into a macro if you use that a lot.

Yes it acts same in R4.

I think ProjectToCPlane and SetPt works same but SetPt you have freedom to move…
Like you said, sometimes if you have complex model it takes a lot of time to fix overlapping curves.
Maybe I’ll just continue using make2d… :frowning:

I use “curve from 2 views” very often and there I need curves on the planes…

BR: Wagner

Hi Wagner -

Actually, I said that you should use CurveBoolean to get rid of all the overlapping curves in one go. That shouldn’t take any time other than a mouse click.

Maybe MeshOutline will work for you?

(the result is polylines though, so it will be approximate for curved edges)