2D Moulding profile around doorway/window....Sweep Points around Door Shape as Rail?

I feel like this is a silly question, and there’s an easy button somewhere but can’t figure it out:

Let’s say I have a moulding profile, and I’d like t have the edges of the profile follow a doorway/window elevation in 2D.

What’s the best way to do this, other than offsetting the doorway shape once for each point of the moulding profile? I guess I could sweep the moulding in 3D and then do a Make2D, but would be nice to do just in 2D space, wouldn’t it?

I thought maybe if I could place a Point at each important edge of the moulding profile, it would be cool to be able to then “sweep” them in 2D around the Doorway.


Could you draw the door way as a single polyline (might be already), Then offset the polyline to each of the points at the edge. Would that not create the effect you want?

Offset command has an option to go through specific points.

Ah, well yes, offset is what I use, but I didn’t realize it could go through points. Will try that, thanks!

Tried it. SO much better. Thank you! Knew there must have been some workflow I was missing

Hi Alan - I think just a Sweep1, if I understand you…?


For 3D, sure. but this is what I’m looking to do for drafting (see image below)

@Helvetosaur has OffsetPtsAlongCrv on his awesome Maquetools toolbar, but you have to input the distances for each successive point. Would be great to be able to set path crv, then the first point, then grab subsequent points, and watch the magic happen!

Drafting, what’s that?


*Offset ThroughPoint

with a star in front, and the path curve pre-selected.


:rofl: but seriously, that didn’t actually do anything for me. It went to the first point, but then couldn’t get it to pick successive points

Hmm - you put the “*” in there? Like this, exactly and the curve preselected:

*Offset ThroughPoint


that would be nice! don’t know why it didn’t work. beta6 is ok to do it in right?

Yes, works in 6. Note the * does not have a space after.


Weird, so I figured out that I need to click the curve each time. That’s easy enough, obviously, but it doesn’t look like you’re doing that in the vid?

EDIT: It works all of a sudden when i put it in a button. Hm…

Well, you do have to click when the preview of the offset is where you want it, to get the actual offset curve…


I vote this the best button in the history of mankind.

Is the “*” some sort of scripting mechanism for repeating?

Yes - it works on any command or macro.


changing my world.