2D layout CAD-export, from 3D Geometry

Dear McNeel-Team,

is there a way to export a layout, into 2D-CAD (e.g. Dwg/dwf- Format) incl. layer structure. This is question 1.

So question 2: If the model and therefore the layout contains 3D-geometry. Can the 2D- line representations of them (from technical view?) exported as well?
It makes no sense to create to 3D geometry, then to make deravative by using Make 2D to get somehow a 2D-Plan which you can deliver to customers?! For every tiny change you do it again…
There must a way to do automatically export 2D representations of 3D geometry, like all other 3D-tools doing? _If not this should be seriuosly on the deveolpment agenda, this would be a great feature.

Many thanks for your help/ advice in advance.

Hi Tomila - SaveAs to DWG will include layouts but all of them… not selectively.

There is no 2d representation as curves that is tied to the model, no.