2D- Exporting .dwg Files and Linetypes

When exporting 2D drawings as .dwg, the linetypes scale automatically converts from 1 to 25.4. How can I change to where it always exports with a scale value of 1? Thanks.

This sounds like you are doing something in your process that is changing from inches to millimeters. (1" = 25.4 mm)

Of course… but where do I change that? My scale factor on everything is 1. It’s perfect in .3dm format, but only changes when exporting to .dxf. Is there somewhere in the system that I can change the default? Thanks.

This one is confounding me so far. Can you share a 3dm and maybe we’ll find a problem with it? My linetypes come over with expected scale in both dxf and dwg.
Are you using a custom linetype? What happens when you use a standard preloaded linetype?

Same thing happens with loaded linetypes. The linetype scale automatically defaults to 25.4. Even when I change the scale to 1, export as .dwg or .dxf, reopen the file, the linetype scale reverts back to 25.4.

attached is a test .3dm file per request. The 2D drawing was generated from a model. I set linetypes, colors, plot line width, etc., then export as .dwg or .dxf. That’s when linetype scale jumps to 25.4. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.

test.3dm (1.2 MB)

your file works fine for me. My linetype scale is not changing after export, and the dwg I’ve exported looks correct when I open in Acad. The problem has to be with your install of Rhino. This is one for @pascal I think. Sorry couldn’t find a quickneasy for you.

What version of Rhino are using. I know this was a problem in an earlier release of Rhino 5, but I think it’s fixed now. @lowell
This issue had to due with the way Autocad and Rhino store linetypes.

Thanks for mentioning that, Dennis.
That change was made on March 7. Not sure what SR that would have been.

Doesn’t McNeel maintain a quick-access database with historical meta-info like this?

Thanks guys for your help. I’m using Rhino4 SR9. Haven’t yet upgraded to version 5. Thanks again.