2D Bin Packing - "Implementations"

Hi, here a Leaving some links and scripts for 2d Bin Packing, they seem somewhat useful, and looking through the forums I couldn’t find any related topic about it. So


C# - https://github.com/cariquitanmac/2D-Bin-Pack-Binary-Search
2D-Bin-Pack-Binary-Search.gh (12.6 KB)

Python has a lot of libraries for it but they are very slow:
Python - https://github.com/secnot/rectpack
Python - https://github.com/ssbothwell/greedypacker
C++ https://github.com/juj/RectangleBinPack

Originally I was trying to understand the “Placement Problem”…, so I suppose is to difficult…
If anyone has any other source or learning material related to this topic please link them here.


Another way is to use nfp no fit polygon to pack bins or arbitrary polygons:

There are bin packing algos in github and nuget packages both in 2d and 3d. They are using min max points and genetic solvers. But to understand the logic I would try to read papers instead as you need first to get the geometric placement logic of min max points of bounding boxes and only then optimization part.

Also google has lot of queries: