2D Bin Packing in Rhino Python

Hi Everyone,

A while ago, @Antonio_Cersosimo posted some great links about bin packing implementations.

I found the 2D-Bin-Pack-Bionary-Search implementation to be interesting as while it isn’t amazing, it runs fairly quick for what I want to use it for; batch nesting of many files at once

I’m trying to convert the Grasshopper C# implementation which Antonio posted (attached to this post) to Rhino Python but my knowledge of classes in both languages is still pretty basic and I’m in deep.

I’d love it if someone could spare some time to have a look at my jangled code and point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!


2D-Bin-Pack-Binary-Search (1).gh (16.7 KB) Fab_Pack.py (2.6 KB)