2 Realtime Grasshopper Component Ideas for Butterfly or Robotics

Since I’ve been experimenting with Butterfly, I thought of two helpful controls, actually one control and one modification that should help components which require heavy resources. Although they were inspired from Butterfly, they seem like a basic toolkit thing.

The first is a option on the toggle, which when set, will flip to a desired state ( such as false ) when loading a Grasshopper file. Presently, Butterfly cases start solving if you save them that way.

Adding an automatic-off could provide a safety-related feature that may also benefit the robotic-eccentric components, as, when something is loaded on the on-state it might create a physically dangerous condition. In the case of physical machines magnetic contactors prevent machines from hurting people; when the power is removed, the button must be pressed again to start the machine. In the case of the adding software toggle option, reloading the Grasshopper file will shut everything off. I believe that there is an Arduino component set which this might add some value to.

The second idea I had was a little more lighthearted: a LED status indicator, which will either become bright or change color depending on a state or condition. Perhaps also, there could be a blinking option for things that require your attention. This would provide feedback for realtime components which might require your attention.

Thank you for your consideration,

hi brenda, you should post ladybug dependent stuff on their own forum.
i am not sure how often those guys show up here.


Hi Brenda,

encephalon is right, the first topic is better suited to the LB forum. Although I think you’ll find that the FalseStartToggle does exactly what you want. Afaik, it comes with the Ladybug / Honeybee installs. I’ve attached it anyway. FalseStartToggle.gha (25.5 KB)

The second part could be done in a lot of ways. I can see why this would be useful - maybe its better suited to being a special parameter that indicates a single stored value. Another way is to look at the GH Canvas and how you can use that to indicate a status. CanvasColor.gh (3.7 KB)
is a small component that, when turned on and given a boolean value updates the canvas color accordingly - it’s a modified version of the one on James Ramsdens page (http://james-ramsden.com/change-the-colour-of-the-grasshopper-canvas/), although he hat tips Johannes Braumann for it. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the replies, but because both also have robotic as well as other real-time applications, this would seem like the appropriate forum.