Base type is missing for false start toggle

I tried to use false start toggle component. However, I get below error when I try to locate to canvas. Does anyone know how I can solve it?

User objects are instances of regular objects with some non-default settings. In this case I think the regular underlying object isn’t available. Either it is defined by a plug-in you don’t have or a newer version of Grasshopper which you don’t have.

You are likely missing the FalseStartToggle.gha from your Grasshopper Libraries folder.

Hi Andrew,
Is there a place to download this FalseStartToggle.gha ? So we can put it inside the Libraries folder?

Because I’ve created some scripts with FalseStartToggle from the old version of Ladybug 0.0.68 . Now I have a new PC and I want to try use only Ladybug Tools 1.2.0. But seems no FalseStartToggle with this package.
How do you deal with it? Install both plugins?


I got the answer.
FalseStartToggle.gha is actually named Ironbug.LBHB_Legacy.gha
So I copy this file to the Libraries, and I have this toggle in Grasshopper.