False Start Issues

Howdy Y’all

I have been noticing a growing number of issues with the False start toggle in grasshopper and I’m wondering if any one might have any ideas whats happening.

First, I currently have two versions of false start in my grasshopper. One seems to be from ladybug and the other appears to be in grasshopper itself, very odd too be honest. I never seem to know which one to use as which ever one I choose as it will work when I first put it in my definition, but one I close and reopen the false start seems to be missing.

Additionally, the issue is compounded because if the false start failed to load, I also can’t just re-place the component because I get the error from the forum linked bellow.

Continuing the discussion from Base type is missing for false start toggle:

Has anyone seen these kinds of issues before? Is this a known bug or do I have an odd ball case?

Thanks for all the help

I believe the “original” false start was a separate/standalone component…not sure. I don’t think it was ever a “native GH” component. At some point, the creator of the component (@andheum ), gave it to the ladybug folks to include in their suite of tools.
If you have both, 1 will be located in the params->input menu and the other will be located in the ladybug-> 5 | extra menu.
If you right click on the menu button, and choose “component info”, it will tell you which file it is, (or is a part of). Maybe just get rid of the one that is NOT in ladybug, (assuming you have two).

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