Need help with Forum Account


Is there someone at McNeel that can help me with my forum account login.



Hi Anthony -
What help do you need with that account?


i guess i created this account using google sign-in. i want to delete that google account. i don’t know if it’s possible to switch to an email sign-in for the rhino forum or to have this account deleted so i can create it using email sign-in. i tried adding an email to the rhino account, however, that doesn’t work for the login apparently,

Hi Anthony -
Your account doesn’t appear to be linked to your Google account (anymore?):


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For anyone who finds this thread later on, wim was able to direct me to the location where you can switch from a google sign-in to an email sign in. that location is:

make sure to set a password when you do the switch. worked perfectly, no issues.

this is solved now. thanks wim!!!

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I should also mention that you can upload a profile picture at the above link.