1st time Very Slow Technical Display Mode Calculation

Hi All, I’ve brought this up on the Holomark topic in the past before but it is still unresolved and wondered if anyone else has had this problem or found a solution by now.
Basically I am unable to use any of the technical display modes, because of the extremely long calculation time when changing to any of these technical display modes. I normally just escape out of it in the end.
This is with even only a 3 or 4 solids it can take 2 min and the CPU runs at 100% all the time.
My Holomark technical viewmode test takes 3.5min with my i7 and all 8x threads at max for the full time.
For most other this test takes 1-2 seconds with much lesser CPUs.
I have tried disabling HT with no effect.
I have the New Vray 2 version.
I’m running an i7(3770), 16Gb ram, Dual monitors with Quadro6000 on one monitor and GTX550ti on the other.(Tried various cards for 2nd monitor with no change)
Windows 7-64, Rhinov5-64, Vray and T-Splines installed.
Note: It did this before I installed T-Splines too.
Any info would be appreciated. Michael VS

I’d be interested in seeing one of the simple files that takes a long time to get into technical modes. Can you post one?

I filed a feature request for saving the tech info in the 3dm a couple years ago… it’s an open item

Hello @BrianJ, I tried making a quick test scene and found something interesting.
The array of blocks on their own switched to Technical View instantly.
Then leaving the perspective viewport in Technical view I switched on the layer with the cone and then the sphere.
Adding the cone took 24 seconds to calculate (8x Threads @3.2Ghz @100%)
Adding the sphere - This I stopped after 4min (8x Threads @3.2Ghz @ 100%) with escape key.
My quick test scene:
Technical Test Scene01.3dm (374.5 KB)

FWIW, that just takes milliseconds here…

Thanks for the file. Technical mode calculates in a second or so here so I’m thinking this is specific to the set up of dual cards and dual monitors and possibly drivers being used and possibly the Nvidia control panel settings for the Quadro. Have you looked over this page to optimize the Quadro? http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/nvidiainfo

If those don’t make a difference, can you try just one monitor connected to one card at a time. The dual set up may be a factor for some reason.

Using Rhino5, i7 Windows 10 64, two Ati 7970 and single monitor,
The Display Piplen “Technical2D” is long to show if i move a CV control point.
It takes 5 or 10 seconds.

I suggest to move the function into a cortine ienumerator in a second cpu so I can continue working while the rendering is thinking what to draw.

I try to debug it switching multiples toggles (show hide) and what is making it slow is :
The Display Piplen “Technical2D”
or using
Display Mode “Pen”

Hi Michael, I have the same issue on a new system with a quite expensive GeForce RTX 3070. Did you found any solution? On an other computer of a friend the issue doesn’t exsist with the same file.

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Hello Henk. I am afraid that I have no real answer for you. For ages my technical mode took forever., and I tried everything, even changing bios settings etc. I was using Win7 before and a WIn10 update made no difference. Different Graphics cards made no difference (Quadro 6000, k2000, k4000, GTX1060 etc.). I am not sure when it came right because I stopped trying to use Technical mode, but all of a sudden I found that Technical mode was able to complete in a second. My only big changes I can think of were 1. Going from a 4x monitor setup to a single 58inch 4k monitor/screen. Quadro driver updates, and Win10 updates. Other than that I have been using the same Rhino v5 install,Vray, PC, ram, etc. although I have migrated my system to SSD inbetween too. For a GTX card I would also suggest using the NVidia GTX STUDIO drivers rather than the Game Ready driver versions.Hope that helps.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer. First I have been searching for changes in the configuration of the graphic card. Tried with one monitor in stead of two. etc.
I got a litlle desparate. Very often if you have problems with hardware the first thing you hear is, “did you update the drivers”. I updated a lot of drivers in the past, but never gave me any difference.
So finaly I updated the driver and that turned out to be the solution. Deinstalling the quadrodriver already gave the performance that I expected.
I tried both drivers you suggest. Both work now, as far as I can see I find no difference between them.
Thanks, and have a good day! Henk