16 bit images yet?

There are several posts on the forum about using / importing 16-bit images. It seems that the majority of the posts state that Rhino / Grasshopper can only use 8-bit images. However, many of these posts are years old.

I would like to import an image file within Grasshopper, query it, then make a heightfield mesh out of the image. However, 8-bit images (of any type: jpg, png, bmp) show too much stepping and will not produce the quality I need in the final mesh. I’d have to go to another software.

Can Grasshopper, or any of its plugins, use a 16- or 32-bit image yet?

I haven’t seen an RGB value with (65536,65536,65536) so I guess 16-bit images are not supported in Grasshopper. I tried (Native GH components + Bitmap + enhanced image sampler)

Heightfield was able to read a 16 bit per channel image, but I couldn’t verify if it is actually working as 16 bpc.