Export/Print as 16 bit image?

For an advanced 3d printer application I need to export my rhino scene as greyscale heightmap as 16 bit image. I’m not talking about rendering, but using the ‘print’ command

Using a custom OpgenGL shader in GH I can make this heightmap, but when I print the view from Rhino, the resulting tiff or png file is in 8-bit. Is exporting to 16-bit supported and where can I specify or set this option? There where some thoughts in the past to add this feature to R7: Support higher-bit channels for PNG and TIFF : RH-64094 (myjetbrains.com)

It seems EXR does support 16bit, but this is noy included as image format in print menu

After reading the info in YouTrack it seems unlikely that they will change the imaging library to export 16bit / channel in PNG or TIFF given that EXR works.

Then just do a render and save to EXR, instead of the antiquated “print to file” tool that was weird and obsolete in Rhino 1 days.