_FlowAlongSrf Rhino vs MOI

One of the useful commands in Rhino is _FlowAlongSrf that, in my opinion, lacks a few options.
Image shows the different behavior between Rhino and MOI using _FlowAlongSrf , and personally I prefer the result of MOI.

I attach the file, someone can tell me how I can get the same result?
I tried everything (reversal of normal etc … etc …) but to no avail. Only by moving the cylinder under the plane i obtain that it will recline on the upper face of the hemisphere, but not to maintain the side walls of the cylinder vertically.

flow.3dm (380.2 KB)

Hi, Mario! You should reverse the target surface N direction (white arrow) with Dir command.

Thanks for answering 0netech… i did it , but no lucky !

That’s odd. Here is mine:

(I don’t like the stretching though. A KeepAspectRatio option might be useful if it were added.).

I do not stretch, it’s as if the command worked on the contrary, even reversing the normal direction of the surface.

0netech i got the same of you …swappig U V , but the cylinder is too deformed in this way

the perpendiculars to the surfaces (reference and target) are upwards. The result seems to be the contrary.
I’m wrong?

It would be helpful if the Pascal 's script “ProjectObjects.rvb” would be implemented as an option in the command to get the same result as MOI

You get a slightly better result if the reference surface is made with UnrollSrfUV command. It looks to me that MOI version is more like splitting the target surface with a circle, and simply extruding it up (it doesn’t work with complex objects though).

There is a bunch of other FlowAlongSrf threads on this board with some interesting solutions concerning stretching.