Can not get FlowAlongSrf to orient correctly

I am running Rhino 6 SR16 for Windows.

I am not incredibly experienced with Rhino, so I most likely missing something very obvious.

I cannot seem to get the Flow Along Surface command to behave in the way I would like. I have created a domed cylinder by making a circle, extruding the curve to a specific distance, and then creating the specific angle I want.

I then used the Revolve command to turn that domed curve into the desired shape. I joined everything together, and it was a valid solid. However, any time I attempt to use Flow Along Surface to lay a solid on top of it, the solid ends up distorted.
I suspect it is due to the rotate command and its directional nature, so I tried a few other commands to achieve the same effect (such as Sweep1) and the problem is the exact same. The object is laid out correctly if I use the “Patch” command, however opens up a whole other bag of badgers and the edges do not match up correctly.

What could I do to fix this?

Hello - the command maps the base surface U and V to the target - in this case, your base surface is a plane and the target is a revolved surface - that is the U and V are in a radial pattern around the center of the revolve - the control point arrangement will make this clearer, if you ExtractSrf the revolved top and turn on points. The solution is to revolve a line to get your base surface rather than use a plane with a rectangular UV… see what I mean?


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Oh, I see what you mean. I tested it out and that completely sorts it out. Thank you so much!