_ClosestPt crash

ClosetPtCrash.3dm (61.7 KB)

with the above flie:

• run _ClosestPt
• select the box at first prompt (target)… press enter
• in the next prompt, choose the Object option
• select the line
• crash

the command works if both objects are a line and i guess it’s not meant to be used with a polysurface & line?
still, i don’t think it should crash like that.

Works here on Windows, so this must be a Mac-only bug… --Mitch

you mean it works as in-
it doesn’t crash?

or it works as in -
the command actually finds the closest point between the box and the line?

(ie, i’m not entirely sure of all the situations the command is supposed to work in but according to the documentation and prompts… it does seem like it should work with the example file)

on a side note, the crash also happens (on mac at least) when using rs.CurveClosestObject in python…
which are apparently providing similar functionality.


Probably calling the same core function behind the scenes…


Yep , thanks, I see this crash on Rhino for Mac.



haha. wow… i used a seriously convoluted workaround to getting the result this command will do in a couple of clicks :confounded:

sweet. thanks Pascal.

tested this in 5A683.

both _ClosestPt and rs.CurveClosestObject seem to be working fine now.
good stuff.