Bug in ClosestPt Rhino5 command if applying to a mesh object

For some mesh/base_point configurations the command ClosestPt creates the “closest” point at a wrong position.
In the attached very simple Rhino file it is the case if choosing the mesh as target object and the point as base_point.
Rhino creates a point with world coordinates -8.606,-6.886,-6.473
The correct location should be in the world coordinates -10.057,-5.208,-4.574
ClosestPt_Bug.3dm (26.3 KB)

It would be great to get a quick help on it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Vlad- thanks, I see that.


Hi Pascal.

Any progress on the issue?
We have several scripts that rely on it.
Due to this bug the results are sometimes flawed and we have to correct them manually.
That’s little bit annoying.


Hi Vlad - No apparent progress on this one - I added a comment to the bug tracker for this, indicating your need to get it done. Unfortunately the developer has a bug pile a mile high…