Curve.ClosestPoints crash with Rhino 7 SR18 (Mac)

Hi @dale,

after installing the new SR18, below function crashes Rhino for Mac. It worked fine before the update. The version is (7.18.22124.3002, 2022-05-4).

Please run the script from the _EditPythonScript editor. If it does not crash on the first run, run it again a few times. In my case it crashes on the second or third run.

Example.3dm (2.6 MB) (872 Bytes)

If the red line curve is converted using .NurbsCurve() it does not crash.


Hi @clement,

I’ll have a look at this tomorrow.

— Dale

Hi @clement,

I’ve been able to repeat your bug with Rhino for Mac 7.18. However, I have not been able to reproduce the crash while debugging, which is unfortunate.

Are you able to reproduce the crash just using RunPythonScript? I’m suspicious of the editor.


– Dale

Hi @dale,

yes, initially i was running the command from an alias which was envoked from a toolbar. The macro for the alias is:

! _-RunPythonScript

For now i just replaced the Curve.ClosestPoints method with the CurveCurve intersector, since i only needed to check if both curves intersect at all.