"ZoomWindow" or "ZoomTarget" snapping

I have noticed that utilizing the “ZoomWindow” or “ZoomTarget” commands there no options to snap their frame corners to any geometry. Is it poissible to enable the snapping?
For instance it would be handy for working with “Layout”/“Detail” when there necessary to centralize and zoom drawing on whole “Layout”/“Detail” canvas

Dear vitaly
use zoom selected / extends

there will be 10% additional space arround the boundingbox by default.

but you can set this in preferenaces → advanced
search for zoom
you will find
set to 1.0 or better to 1.001
to change the behaviour.

another workarround for 100% precise camera-positioning is:
_camera _show
→ edit the zoom / camera position by the control points of the camera.
but this is not possible in Layout.
to get this in Layout:
generate the needed view / camera setting in model-Space, save “namedview”
go to layout and “call” the namedview.
notice that you can copy paste between modelling and layout.

if your topic is more a wish for future releases - mark it with Wish, and category serengeti.

kind regards -tom

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Thank you @Tom_P for your advice, there is some tips I will use but yes it mostly a wish