Camera crop

Hello! So is there any way to zoom some certain area (or within mouse wheel) of the camera’s viewport without altering that camera properties? Just crop in other word. I also need a background image following the geometry when area zoomed\cropped. It’s for perspective photos-based modeling (photogrammetry workflow). Thank you!

for the first part you can just nummerically change the Focal Length (lens length).

for the image, you can use Picture, maybe OrientCameraToSrf then NamedView to store it.
for perspetive based modeling you usually would use a wallpaper and PerspectiveMatch but that will require not to zoom anymore since the wallpapper will not change.

Yeah, it seems that Rhino just doesn’t work like that unfortunately, but thanks anyway!
This is btw the MODO plugin which does what I need. Even the great tool like MODO doesn’t have this ability for some reason, despite the numerous user’s requests for this : (

Hi Mikey,

Try CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and zoom in and out with the right mouse button. Actually this changes the lens length. You can pan by holding CTRL + ALT and rotate the view with the right mouse button around the camera location.

Hope it helps, Jess

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Hi Jess, you know it’s more then nothing actually, I tried this two operation in combustion and it’d almost worked! A little alteration taking a place unfortunately but it’s already something to start with. Now have to understand how to attach reference background image to the geometry so all this could get some sense : ) Thanks for the help Jess!

A bit more about my workflow: First I use the image as a Wallpaper to set up the view. You may also try _PerspectiveMatch. Turn on the camera points with _Camera _Toggle and edit the points for fine tuning. You can also use the camera points to find the view plane and place your Picture Frame. Use Scale with the camera location as origin to move your photo behind the geometry… and don’t forget to save a NamedView!

Even better is to use a detail view on a layout page. Use _Cplane _View and place your the photo as a background image. Then you can lock the detail view and zoom in and out or pan around on the layout page and still have the detail active to model.

If you can send something I can help you with that setup…