Zoom_Selected and PlaceTarget are both broken


(Declan Halpin) #1


Neither of these commands will maintain their focus. Has there been a recent update? I will need a dramamine to finish this model at this rate! :smile:


(Declan Halpin) #2

Hi all,

I have found that this behaviour really only happens when I have a grasshopper object previewed. If I have no GH preview, then Zoom_Selected and PlaceTarget work fine & maintain their focus. As soon as I preview a GH object the focus is lost and my model rotates all wonky.

Any ideas? This is very difficult to work around, as I am working on some very heavy GH stuff…


(Declan Halpin) #3

Here is a video showing the problem. I start with no GH preview and everything works fine. Bring in the GH preview and it goes bananas.<a class=“attachment”

href="/uploads/default/original/3X/8/c/8cc1c1cdfc2f776b2dc1638607f94ad94b40e670.zip">PlaceTargetQstn.zip (5.4 MB)

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Declan - for some reason I cannot get the video to download… Just a shot in the dark but is Gumball on?


(Declan Halpin) #5

Yes, I usually have it on.

(Pascal Golay) #6

Does it make any difference if Gumby is on or off, is really my question I guess…


(Declan Halpin) #7

Sorry for the delay - No, it makes no difference if gumball is off or on.

(Declan Halpin) #8

Just following up to see if anyone has any suggestions - this is driving me crazy.

(Brian James) #9

I can’t get the video to download here either to see exactly what you do. Can you try uploading it again? Also, what version of Rhino are you using including the service release and what version of Grasshopper are you using. Lastly, are there any GH add-ons being used in the definition?

I’ll try and reproduce the same thing you see here to figure out why it’s happening.

(Declan Halpin) #10

Thanks, Brian. I am attaching another video here (Please excuse the crazy compression): Weirdness.zip (1.0 MB)

RH 5.0 SR12 (8/10/15) 64-Bit. GH 0.9.0076

The video is my “Problem Child” file and the plugins I have active are Jackalope Flow and Sporph. However, if I try to recreate the problem in a brand new, barebones setup (with Jackalope Flow & Sporph), it doesn’t repeat. I could PM you the GH file, maybe? It’s not my file, so I cant distribute publicly. But it is the file I am working on constantly for the next 8 weeks, so I am desperate to rectify the problem…

(Brian James) #11

Thanks for the new video and for narrating it. It seems from your description that this is file specific so PM that file to me and maybe @DavidRutten too since he may know what’s going on. Two thoughts come to mind after the watching the video as well. First, the Osnap tooltip when you set the target to the box corner is garbled, this is something I see when Windows and therefore Rhino is run through an emulator like VMware or Parallels. Is that part of this too on your end? I’m also wondering if you have a 3D connexion device plugged in. I’ve seen them cause issues with the view target before but not in a while.

(Declan Halpin) #12

It was the 3D Space Mouse (Wireless)!! Thanks so much, this has been doing my head in for weeks. I actually bought the Space Mouse for fun and haven’t used it, so no harm in removing for the moment.



(Brian James) #13

Glad we nailed it… thanks for letting me know.

(Declan Halpin) #14

Welp, this problem has emerged on another machine which did have a Space Mouse, but it was uninstalled. All 3D Connexion apps & drivers are gone. Updated to newest V5 SR but I still cant get my camera target to stay where I put it after a few pans/zooms it goes all out of whack…