GH Preview makes PlaceTarget and ZoomSelected go crazy

Has anyone else seen this? If I have not GH preview enabled, I can use PlaceTarget and ZoomSelected no problem. All works normally.

If I enable a GH preview - crvs, srfs, whatever - camera target is immediately lost and my view rotation goes haywire. Even if I reset the target (or ZoomSelected) it makes no difference.

Gumball on/off makes no difference. Turning off the GH preview and everything is back to normal…

help please!

Rhino5 or RhinoWIP?

Rhino 5, SR12, GH 0.9.0076

BTW - for the life of me I cannot find a WIP d/l link. Do you know the magic URL?

Thanks, David. I am attaching video here (Please excuse the crazy compression):

RH 5.0 SR12 (8/10/15) 64-Bit. GH 0.9.0076

The video is my “Problem Child” file and the plugins I have active are Jackalope Flow and Sporph. However, if I try to recreate the problem in a brand new, barebones setup (with Jackalope Flow & Sporph), it doesn’t repeat. I could PM you the GH file, maybe? It’s not my file, so I cant distribute publicly. But it is the file I am working on constantly for the next 8 weeks, so I am desperate to rectify the problem…

UPDATE: It is fixed! Steve Baer properly diagnosed the problem as a 3D Space Mouse. I disconnected the wireless transmitter and ended the software, restarted RH / GH, and things are back to normal. :smile: