Zoom Extents and Points

When using Zoom Extents, or selecting Extents in the Print dialog, most objects which are not visible under the current display mode settings are ignored, but points are included regardless of their visibility. For instance, if I am working in Rendered display mode and I have unchecked the display options check-boxes for curves, text, annotations, lights and points, when I go to print a view with the dialog set to Extents, Rhino will ignore all of those objects except the points in determining the extents. Then I have to cancel out, SelPt and hide them, print, then change to a view mode where I can see the points to un-hide them.

Is there a way to change this behavior? If not, I would like to request one be added to the wish list.

Hi Mark- got that, thanks.


These bug tracker items are not available to the public yet.

I’m having zoom extents issues with Rhino 5 (as I zoom or scroll in to my subject, the back side of whatever I’m working on falls out of visibility. I tried going into the bug tracker below but not registered and see no way to do so.

Will this bug tracker help my issue and if so how can I gain access?

If it won’t, ideas???


Hi Tim- if you can provide a file and a blow by blow for how to reproduce the problem, to us, we’ll test and log the bug.



Hi Pascal,

Pretty straight forward. In view “08_MS-Ver4”, select any object, use command Zoom, Select. As I scroll in with the mouse wheel (or the Rhino zoom tool), the back side of the object falls away out of view. I’ve tried a few variants with the Zoom menu but same result.

The file is 51 mb and too large for the uploader associated. I can get it to you through Dropbox if you give me an email I can send an invite to or ???

thanks much,


I was able to replicate the issue in a smaller file-attached.



Test File to Rhino for Zoom Extents Issue.3dm(7.5 MB)

Unfortunately it seems to work fine here. It sounds like what is happening is that the far clipping plane of the camera is not placed correctly- I’ve certainly seen this before but I cannot reproduce it here yet.