Zoom and Rotate with Trackpad in Active/Inactive Window

Hi, I hope this is easy to resolve.

When I work across GH and Rhino windows I have noticed that rotate works in both the active and inactive windows (two fingers). However, pinching, zooming, only works when each window is active.

This leads to some awkward navigation situations when you work in GH and all you want is to quickly get a better view of the 3D.

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

It seems like this is a case of this bug:

RH-40387 Unable to Zoom Rhino Viewport when Grasshopper window is key

which we never managed to address. It trips me up from time-to-time.

Thanks for getting back to this one. Let me say first that it is amazing Grasshopper works so well on the Mac. But the inconsistent trackpad behaviour is a bit of a downer on the whole user experience.

The other thing is the window management. The Mac menu bar flipping between Rhino and Grasshopper is understandable, but not convenient. And the Grasshopper window disappears when Rhino is out of focus. So when you want to drag a file from Finder into Grasshopper, the Grasshopper window is nowhere to be found.

I agree. It turns out the fix for this is…not so simple.

Let’s revisit this once you have had a chance to test our changes in the upcoming Release Candidate for 6.20 (should be published soon, if all goes well). We’ve made some changes. I’m not sure we’ve addressed all of them, but it’s better, in my opinion. Perhaps, once you’ve had a chance to test there, we can start a new topic and discuss them there.

Thanks Dan. Appreciate the effort. Will test and hopefully not report back! :wink:

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